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Tom Adams Boatbuilder

We specialize in the restoration of Muskoka's antique and classic wooden boats. 


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Boats are first assessed to determine all problems, some of which may not be apparent.  We then make a recommendation on the course of action to be taken to bring it back to its original glory. (Photo 1) 

We pride ourselves on making realistic cost projections, avoiding surprise additional charges.

Although our shop is equipped with modern power woodworking equipment, we could not do the kind of scribe-fit joinery these boats demand without our traditional hand tools. (Photo 2)

Fitting steam-bent white oak ribs requires quality materials, a hot steam-box, and quick execution!  (Photo 3)

Apart from using modern marine adhesives and fasteners, our construction techniques are traditional and accurate, assuring you of a boat that will retain its historical value. (Photo 4)   

In areas of the boat where copper rivets and clench nails were exposed, we use the same hardware and techniques. (Photo 5)

Decks are blind-fastened and cross-nailed, using time honoured traditional techniques. (Photo 6)

Using the finest quality Tropical American Mahogany ensures rich tones and long-lasting beauty on hulls and decks alike. (Photo 7)