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Tom Adams Boatbuilder

All of our beautiful wooden boats, along with regular maintenance, require refinishing from time to time.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Some times a "refresher" coat or two is all that is required as in the case of the boat in photo 1. 

We use only the highest quality stains and marine varnish.

If varnish has peeled or bubbled, a complete strip-down, stain and re-varnish may be needed.  

Most of the labour in a high quality finish is in the faring and sanding between coats. (Photo 2)

Final coats of varnish can be plagued by air-born dust particles that appear in the finish.  We have a dust free-free room that we erect around the boat for those critical final coats. (Photo 3)

It often takes eight to ten coats of varnish to obtain that deep glossy finish we love to see on our mahogany beauties!  (photos 4)