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Tom Adams Boatbuilder


We moved into our new facility in the fall of 2014.  We are now located at the corner of Hwy 118 and Foreman Road.  It was designed and built specifically for the purpose of restoring and refinishing of Muskoka wooden boats.

The building is 3,800 square feet with a 19 foot ceiling in the main shop. It will provide us with ample work space and will accommodate boats up to 50 feet in length.

We have a dedicated clean varnish room and the entire shop is climate controlled with the attention paid to relative humidity. This will provide the best environment for the application of varnishes and paints to produce that beautiful Muskoka boat finish. 

We have installed numerous windows to capture natural sunlight in the varnish room as well as the main shop area. In addition, we have bright energy saving lighting mounted on the ceilings and walls in the main shop area to eliminate shadows. We believe good lighting is the key to matching stain colours and monitoring varnish quality, as well as assisting our woodworkers with "eye-balling" those classic lines that make our Muskoka boats so pleasing.

Although we work mainly with hand planes and traditional boat building tools, we also use larger stationary machines that are hooked up to a dust collection system that keeps our shop running clean. Fine air-born dust created from sanding and small hand power tools is captured with hepa filters mounted from the ceiling. The result is a healthy environment for workers and boats alike. 

Heating is in-floor and provides even heat throughout the shop without need for a forced air system.

Your boat is safe with us. We have a pre-wired fire detection system; and our security system is top notch complete with motion sensors and closed circuit cameras.

Call us, We would be pleased to discuss your requirements.