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Plumbing & Mechanical 2

Tom Adams Boatbuilder

Breaker Panel

Harry & Peter at work

It's coming together

Mark & Peter Orton confer

Old rudder and new design

Tom fine tuning his plug design

Ready to go

The rudder casting machined

Tom fitting strut mock-up

Steering gear

She's coming to life

The mighty Griffon

Installation deliberations

Mark & Norm preparing to fire up the Rolls


Peter and Norm wiring the dashboard

Critical controls being wired

Ready for take off

Plug for the rudder casting

Original top & new design merged

Shaping that edge

The raw rudder casting

Mark coaxing the arm of the steering gear

Strut & rudder mount ready

The business end

Fuel tanks

Harry & Peter connecting the fuel line to the tank

Some juice please

Port Exhaust

Fire in the hole!