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Plumbing & Mechanical

Tom Adams Boatbuilder

"Marrying the Rolls Royce Griffon to the rebuilt hull triggered a series of unique installations challenges." 

Once the Griffon engine was squeezed into Miss Canada IV, the real fun began.  Like those legendary Spitfires, Miss Canada IV required a skilled “ground crew” to build her, start her and keep her flying. Tom and his restoration crew had to sort out the plumbing needs for each of four critical systems: fuel, air intake, ADI supercharger injection and engine cooling.

Miss Canada IV consumes 3 gallons of 110 octane aviation fuel per minute. An external fuel pump at the confluence of the three tanks positioned directly aft of the cockpit delivers fuel to the engine under 18 lbs pressure.  The fuel lines are 1" id. 

At speeds over 110 mph and at the flip of a switch, the supercharger is injected with a mix of alcohol and water, hence the term Alcohol Direct Injection or ADI. The tank containing this mixture is located in the bow; it also has a dedicated fuel pump.  Removing the automatic aero controls of the ADI system that simply do not work in a marine application is a complicated affair.

An aero Griffon uses a contained cooling system including a radiator with a 120 gal/minute cooling capacity; Miss Canada IV draws a constant supply of water directly from the lake via pick-ups on the fin and on the 2nd step. This water is pre-heated by being routed through the oil cooler unit before it is introduced into the engine; it exits the engine directly into the exhaust pipes, preventing them from becoming dangerously hot.

A huge “air box” is visible at the forward bottom of the Griffon. The team had to make certain the engine’s voracious appetite for air is not inhibited by any installation work. A screen dome over the opening prevents any foreign matter from entering the supercharger.  


System by system she's coming together

Port Side fuel line

Fuels Tanks

Fuel Filter

Mark fitting a fuel tank

Oil Cooler

Oil cooler installed

Oil reservoir & filters

Oil tank

Supercharger Intake

Engine blower & intake plugged

Port Saddle tank

Norm installing the oil cooler

Filter & Fuel tank

Fuel Pumps mounted port side

Oil installation

Oil cooler lines & super charger intake

Rudder trident attached to transom

Oil tank installation

Spark plug bank