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Tom Adams Boatbuilder

Tom Adams discovered the 62-year-old Miss Canada IV had considerable frame rot and that her bottom was twisted. 

Tom decided to “build her backwards”, preserving her near-perfect decks while replacing the frames one-by-one and fitting them into the decking. Normally, a boat is framed and planked first, and then flipped over for decking.

Under the planking we discovered extensive rot in the battens.

There is not much integrity left in the Keel.

We  begin the replacement of frames, while referring to our copy
of the original drawings for accuracy.

Mark and Dave installing the aft stringer extensions.

The aft keel has been fit.

Gussets are scribe fit to deck battens.

I imposed the camera at the stem and achieved this interesting 
shot of the interior. 

The frames on the aft section have been removed for notching.

The frames had completely delaminated.

The careful dismantling of the aft running section begins.

Notice the anti-trip chine being established.

Components are replaced stem to stern.

New gussets are clamped in place.

The under side of the bow deck is completely exposed.

View from above, taken on the same day.

Aft frames with notches cut.