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Tom Adams Boatbuilder


The restoration of Miss Canada IV.  
It is not often you get the privilege to work on such a famous historic race boat.



Miss Canada IV (MCIV) is an iconic late 1940’s Unlimited class race boat whose estimated top speed was over 200 MPH, eclipsing the then current official world speed record of 160 MPH.  

Tom Adams discovered the 62 year-old Miss Canada IV had considerable frame rot and that her bottom was twisted.

The heart of Miss Canada IV is a Rolls Royce Griffon engine,
a 37 litre, V-12, liquid-cooled aero engine designed and built for the war effort.

High performance racing machines can be temperamental.


A rainy day departure from Ingersoll led to a homecoming celebration in Gravenhurst for the iconic Miss Canada IV.  



After eight months of disassembly and re-framing, we began skinning and planking over those "beautiful bones" of Miss Canada’s  keel knuckle bottom.  

The business of wiring controls, cooling and feeding fuel to the Griffon.


In 1950, Miss Canada IV shattered the 200 mph water speed barrier, Read about the movie and history of the Canadian couple behind the story.