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Moving & Staging

Tom Adams Boatbuilder

The first consideration on moving RITA from Cinderwood Island, her home on Lake Miskoka, to our shop in 
Port Carling was to ensure that her bottom was water tight.  We first covered it with shrink-wrap material and 
then towed her across the lake to Gravenhurst.  There a crane lifted her from the water and loaded her on to 
hydraulic trailer.  When she arrived at our shop, we backed her in and lifted her with gantries, chain-blocks
 and slings. Then, we carefully lowered her on to scribed stations and blocked the keel about every six feet. 

Shrink wrap is laid out under RITA in the boathouse on
Cinderwood Island.

At the boathouse ready for towing to Gravenhurst.

RITA arrives at the boat shop in Port Carling.

Shrinking the shrink wrap.


Lifting the boat at Gravenhurst.

RITA is lifted with the gantries and supported along the keel.