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The Restoration of RITA

The Restoration of RITA is currently underway.  RITA is a charming and rare 50 foot Minett day cruiser 
owned by the McGrath's of Cinderwood Island, Beaumaris, in Lake Muskoka where she has lived for more 
than 100 years. RITA was originally designed by H.C. (Bert) Minett and built at the Minett Motor Boat Works in 
Bracebridge in 1914.  Her original owners were Carl and Henry Borntraeger who purchased her for $7,500.  
She was shipped to Gravenhurst by rail where she was launched in 1914.*  

RITA is in the shop to have her bottom replaced.  Everything below the waterline will be new, including
the replacement of the ribs, keel, frames, skeg and planking.  The ribs will be of steam bent white oak, 
the frames and keel of Spele mahogany, and the planking of Tropical America mahogany. The planking 
will be fastened with hand peened copper rivets.